DONGLIANG: we insist on good design



What is DONGLIANG? The answer may vary for different people. To designers, it is a buyer shop. To customers, it is a multi-brand store. It has been almost five years since we launched the first DONGLIANG store in Beijing in August, 2009. DONGLIANG started off together with Chinese fashion industry and grew up with the local fashion forces.  

This time, to express the spirit of DONGLIANG, we decide to present a collection of six designers’ work with a summer photo shoot.


Photography: Cheng Yiyi

Model:Ning Xiaole from ESEE

Makeup: Dandan

Styling & Execution: Morly


White Loose Dress by UMA WANG

White Dress by UMA WANG


Grey Blazer & Yellow Tank by RICOSTRU

Sleeveless Dress by BOUNDLESS


Grey-brown Dress by UMA WANG

Turtleneck Sleeveless Top by YIRANTIAN



Green Sheer Dress by YIFANG WAN


Dark Black Stripe Dress by HE YAN

Asymmetric Cut Top by YIRANTIAN



Blue Asymmetrical Dress: BOUNDLESS

Blue Draped Dress: UMA WANG


Asymmetrical Strapless Dress: HE YAN





Passionate, Gentle, Beautiful, even Botanical. - Zhang Da

Art, Affinity, Responsibility – He Yan

Chic, Artsy, and Optimistic, with a distinctive ideology. – UMA WANG

DONGLIANG is an independent and warm little world. – Yifang Wan

DONGLIANG gives me a sense of security. The people here and the things they do are full of positive energy. – Yirantian Guo

DONGLIANG is unique in its style, broad in its horizon, and warm in its core. – Minjie Ou