DONGLIANG’s ONE DAY. We cooperated with six Chinese designers of different styles to present six individual shows in one day during Shanghai Fashion Week. Even though it was drizzling yesterday, our designers and staff still successfully completed this unprecedented series of shows.  Our art director Nan Lang commented that ONE DAY is not made in one day. It shows that the future of Chinese fashion designs is full of possibilities.


YIFANG WAN, a well-known Chinese designer, believes in minimalism. This is her first show in China. The details of the designs are exquisite, since the entire collection was inspired by the Hmong traditional costumes. Aside from that, YIFANG WAN uses both shiny and color-dyed fabrics to create the futuristic looks in a quite unconventional way.


YIRANTIAN, a dark horse from London College of Fashion, stuns the crowd with her first show. The clean-cut designs bring out the feminine beauty straightforwardly. And she also uses the patchworks to reinforce the contrast between lines and planes. The geometry of asymmetrical cuts, along with the palette of grey, white, black and red, guide the audience through an indescribable visual experience.


Ever since the 90s, Zhang Da has been witnessing every single development of Chinese fashion industry. That is to say, this guy has his aesthetics. This time he reinterpreted the classic wool coats and old-school jackets with modern ideas. Zhang Da’s style has always been fun and playful. And the models on his runway are not professionals but ordinary girls. The pleasant atmosphere perfectly explains his idea of casual chic.


Since He Yan started her designing career off at the beginning of the century, she has kept her designs independent, never playing up to the trends. This time He Yan cooperated with a modern dance group, Xiao Ke, to present a special fashion show in the form of modern dance. As the flow of the dance brings out the oriental beauty of implicitness, this show becomes a work of art.


SANKUANZ’s last cooperation with artist Tianzhuo Chen won a lot of attentions. As one of the most expected designers, he again worked with Tianzhuo, presenting the trendiest pop elements on clothes: comic figures, bold prints and, internet vocabularies. After watching the exciting new show, we think now it is safe to say that there is absolutely no bottom line in designs for SANKUANZ.

Based on a cultural project, One Day Folk Costume Concept Show is today’s last show. For this very last show, DONGLIANG cooperated with GINGER (SHENG JIANG), a project aimed to discover and protect Intangible Cultural Heritages. Our art director Nan Lang went to villages in Guangxi and Yunnan, exploring the unaffected beauty of Zhuang, Bai Yi, Bai Luo and Nakhi, to eventually present our idea of Chinese beauty as a static concept show.


DONGLIANG’s ONE DAY. We received many more encouragements and motivations than we expected. The five fashion shows and the final concept show are what we want to present as the strong new power of Chinese design. The shows are not perfect. But they attract attentions and provoke questions. They make people wonder about the future of Chinese fashion designs. We are grateful for our long lasting supporters, without whom there could never be such a good market. We are also grateful for that we live in this time and age, as the new talents are on the rise.

For the future. For the nation we love.

Thanks to everyone who make this happen.

Photographer: Cheng Yiyi