Crow Magazine Vol.12-Caught in My Lens


Instagram is a mobile app originally on iOS. It is aimed to help you share your snapshots with your friends in a fast, beautiful and fun way. The name of Instagram comes from Instamatic, which is a series of inexpensive cameras made by Kodak. In the early 2014, ADR and Polaroid released the revolutionary Instagram Socialmatic camera. 
Autor name showed on pics.

Nanlang: On April 10, 2012, Facebook announced its purchase of Instagram. The news came out when Facebook had been blocked in China for quite a long time. To people’s surprise, Instagram survived the censorship, so that we still get the access to the brilliant ideas of artists, photographers, designers from all over the world. We recommended you 23 Instagram users worth following. These people hunt for beauty, have a constant thirst for arts, and have their own lifestyles. They are the ones who live in pictures and frames.