Crow Magazine Vol.10-Indigo


Indigo is a plant, and also a natural color. It is one of the earliest natural dyes used by human and has a history of more than 3000 years. The fabric dyed by indigo is called Lan Ran, which also stands for an ancient dyeing process in Chinese.
Indigo Blue is a blue pigment extracted from the plant indigo on British Islands. The warriors of the Celtics used to paint their bodies with indigo to look strong and powerful. And so their enemies, as they believed, would be scared away. In China, Indigo Blue has been used as a dye for more than 3000 years. The old saying is that indigo blue was extracted from the indigo plant but becomes bluer than the plant it comes from. Metaphorically speaking, it means the successor excels the predecessor. 
The most common dyeing methods in indigo dyeing are Jia Xie, La Xie, Jiao Xie and Blueprint Cloth.
Nan Lang: What is fascinating about indigo dyeing is that the color gets softer and more and more natural after years. It takes at least 20 years to let the dyed fabric present the most beautiful color. Indigo is a 100 percent natural dye and is very eco-friendly. Maybe this traditional technique can provide us with some inspirations of balancing between economic development and environmental protection. 


45R is a clothing brand that applies indigo dyeing to commercial operations.  
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