Crow Magazine Vol.7-Fabrics in Kaleidoscope


Graphic designs can be defined as the patterns and colors on objects. That is to say, pattern is just one part of the graphic. Landscapes, people, flowers, plants and animals form the abstractive patterns in various ways: dyeing, sewing, patching, stitching, and carving.

Landscape Prints

Pine Tree Print: 1950

Hawaiian Skirt: 1950

Plants Prints:

Trees, About 6th or 7th century, Egypt

Textile Printing, 1938

Russian Woodcut Printing, 1870

Textile Printing, 1923

Animal Prints:

Peacock feathers, 16th century, Turkey

Birds & Flowers, Chinese silk

Red Ground Palampore, 1700, India

Silk pattern, 1928

Textile Pattern

Blooming Plants, Velvet Printing, 17th century, Iran

Cotton pattern, Japan

Silk pattern, 1923, Paris

Polishing cloth pattern, 1950’s

Geometric Prints:

Embroidered Pattern, 19th century, Japan

Cotton Fabric (hanging decoration), 19th century, Mali & Ghana

Cotton Fabric, 20th century, Nigeria

Textile Pattern

African cotton pattern which girls wear to rites of passage, 1950’s

Silk and Velvet pattern

Silk pattern, 1910

Silk pattern, 18th century, Turkey