DONGLIANG x LOLO Make vintage modern


Vintage comes into people’s lives as a powerful fashion force. Why is it so influential? Is it only a trend or a lifestyle?

This time we invited vintage shop owner and stylist LOLO to present the delicious salad of DONGLIANG’s independent designs and some vintage pieces. LOLO said that dressing in styles of different times is like playing different roles and living different lives. She deems vintage as a lifestyle, an important part of her life.

Magnolia Silk Dress from MS MIN

This silk floral dress from MS MIN is love at the first sight for LOLO. The low-rise, drapery design gives her a 20s vibe, so she paired it with a black lace blouse and a feathery cloche from the 20s for an evening look.
Honey Bee Dress from CHICTOPIA
LOLO said that even though the pattern of the honey bee dress is very interesting, she needs a bold choice to make more contrast. So the answer is a lace jacket from the Victorian Era. Modern or vintage, whichever way you want, she said, it will make sense as long as you have your unique style. 
Long Blue Cotton Coat from BOUNDLESS
Short Blue Cotton Coat from BOUNDLESS
LOLO chose a red polka dot dress to match with the blue coat by Zhang Da. The waistline design reminds LOLO of the styles of the 20s and earlier. 
Red & White Dress from VEGA ZAISHI WANG

Red Cape from TBA

The Red & White Dress from VEGA ZAISHI WANG brings us a lovely look of a 20s lady. LOLO said that she likes the idea of color blocking. But she does not hate same hue in one look anyway. In her opinion, there are no rules in fashion. What really matters is whether you like it or not.
短装外套 from FAKE NATOO
这件“FAKE NATOO”的短装给人中规中矩的职业感,然而lolo联想到40年代的夹克也是同样的贴身剪裁。她加上了一条40年代末的大A裙,利用古着皮带收紧腰身的部分,使整个感觉看起来更得体与优雅。