UMA WANG x MILAN: When the World Listens To Her Solo


She is Wang Zhi.

She is the first Chinese women’s wear designer who launches a show in Milan Fashion Week.

Her designs are natural, touchable yet with an originality that stands out. Even Faye Wang and Kanye West are her big fans.

She is UMA WANG.

This time, UMA WANG, as the first Chinese designer involved in the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week, released her 2014 Autumn/ Winter Collection at Palazzo Reale on Feb 22.

The founders of DONGLIANG, Tasha and Charles, flew to Milan together with UMA WANG as UMA’s friends and special guests of Design by Shanghai program, helping UMA complete this fabulous show.

The following is the Milan fashion diary by Tasha.


Feb 21

The day before the big day, DONGLIANG followed through the preparation of UMA WANG’s 2014 A/W Show. I thought the preparation of a big show like this would be full of tensions and stress. The reality, however, is anything but that. Casting, fitting, makeup, hair… every single detail is handled in perfect cooperation. From time to time, Uma’s friends in Milan came to visit her in the studio with big, Italian hugs and earnest encouragements. What impresses me the most is how composed and confident Uma was. It was like watching a self-possessed musician taking a stroll along the river before her recital. 


Her composure also comes from the all-star team.

Uma’s stylist is Alessandro Bussi from VOGUE ITALY. He has been the best friend of Uma for many years and has always been styling for Uma’s shows. Vintage glasses, curly hair, white tee paired with black sneakers… He is the teenage riot with a professional stylist’s sophistication. The way he revels in work sparks the life of the studio.

For lunch, the studio prepared us a delicious buffet. The team had a casual conversation about the good old times, the future challenges and wished for the best for tomorrow’s show. 

In the afternoon, the top styling team from Milan, Beautick, came to the studio and discussed styling ideas with Uma. Having cooporated for many times, they effortlessly reached an agreement.


Uma’s overseas sales agent Felix is an Italian gentleman. He was with Uma during the preparation work as well. Several days later, he would drive for eight hours to send Uma’s team to Paris for a showroom display. Aside from being an excellent sales agent, Felix is also a big fan of Uma. He would even shed tears for the revelation of emotions in Uma’s designs. He is also the man who invites all the guests who he deems as worthy of coming to Uma’s shows at all sorts of fashion parties.

Uma’s PR team is the well-known Attila&Co. The CEO of Attila&Co, Ms. Andreina Loughi, regards Uma as a gift. She thinks that Uma’s designs are universal. And her talent and creativity deserve the world’s attention. It is her recommendation that introduced Uma to the stage of Milan Fashion Week, giving Uma the opportunity to release her collections in Milan biannually. Thanks to Andreina and her amazing team, the show turns out to be a huge success.


Feb 22

We are at Palazzo Reale, right next to The Church of Duomo. Downstairs is the museum.

This is where Uma presented her first show at Milan in 2012. She is also the first designer welcomed by this royal palace. The city itself is meant to have a connection with Uma, since the people here are born with passion for freedom and beauty. They treasure the romantic spirit in Uma’s designs and regard that style as the ultimate sexiness.

4:00 PM

 We followed Uma to the runway. The preparation work was going well.

 5:00 PM

Models arrived one after another. A lot of them became Uma’s fans after modeling for her show. Some of them even told the agency that as long as they could own a piece from UMA WANG, there is no need to pay them.

6:00 PM Rehearsal. 

6:30 PM

UMA WANG X DESIGN BY SHANGHAI pre-show cocktail party began. Media from different countries, buyers and Uma’s friends came to celebrate her new show.

7:30 PM

At backstage, reporters from CCTV, Sina, WORLDFASHION CHANNEL and many other media were doing pre-show interviews with Uma. Our friend Tianyuan also visited Uma at the backstage. She excitedly told us that even though she had already heard that this collection was marvelous, when she really saw it, she was still amazed.

Due to the protection of historical site, the show offered only 300 seats. However, before the show, there were already lots of people standing there to watch. Hundreds of people were waiting outside.

8:30 PM

The 40-look show ended in the beautiful sound of the cello, with lasting cheers and applauses. This collection consists of 100 works, creating 70 different looks. Even the 30 looks not included in the show are very stunning as well. Uma again made a breakthrough in texture innovation. She created an avant-garde yet natural texture and beautifully arranged it with her poetic cut. Tonight, surrounded by joy and praises, Uma and her team rocked this palace.

Here is a secret. The next morning after the show, Faye Wang (Wang Fei) sent Uma a long wish list, saying that she wants all of the clothes on it!

As a pioneer among Chinese indie designers, Uma Wang always strives with the strongest will. This time in Milan Fashion Week, Uma Wang released her 2014 F/W Collection as the only show that is presented by a Chinese designer. The collection is a true epic inspired by the Himalaya, Medieval Italy and the Renaissance, but unbounded in its designs. Uma told us a story of a wanderer with various and bold changes in colors and textures, presenting ultra-natural looks.

-       Dai Moli


In the morning of the show, I had breakfast with Uma by the river. During the meal, Uma received some friendly smiles from the Italian women passing by. I guess the reason why Italians love her so much is that they deeply understand and appreciate Uma’s ideas, that they treasure the beauty that Uma brings to the world.