Event Introduction At the end of 2013, The British Gentlemen Nomadic Pop-up Shop was held in DONGLIANG Shanghai for one month in cooperation with GMT London. Together with GMT London, DONGLIANG carefully selected over 20 authentic British brands, most of which own a history of more than a hundred years and have never been in Chinese market. Many chosen brands come with fantastic stories and famous followers. The suitcase that has accompanied the Queen since her honeymoon; the glasses that the Prime Minister Winston Churchill used to wear; the jeans with unique serial numbers and producer signatures… DONGLIANG hope to make GMT London the ultimate choice of all modern and tasteful gentlemen.

Special Cooperation The founder of GMT London Gregory M. Thompson is a British gentleman who has a finance and investment background. Still, his passion for style, custom tailoring and quality menswear plays a big part in his life. The buyer brand GMT London established by Mr. Thompson is exactly the brand that only looks for the best fashion pieces, whether classic or modern, in align with his personal taste and standard.