The First Season of “White Smile” Charity Event

Event Introduction DONGLIANG’s individual charity event LABLE – 3PEOPLE was officially launched in September 2012. We hope that under one specific mode, everyone can contribute their own effort, letting more people gain the satisfaction of giving love, as well as providing substantial help to those needed. 3 PEOPLE represents DONGLIANG, the designer and the customer. It is a story of cumulative love. The principle of 3 PEOPLE is <3 (or =3), a beautifully composed heart. It represents not only the growing good will, but also the clarification of love, expanding and redirecting itself when on the road. The charity that DONGLIANG advocates is not a grand undertaking, but a career through which even a few people can acquire the wonderful meaning of charity itself: “Be understanding and kind, despite the chaos of life; Be content, whether it’s ups or downs.”

The first season of 3PEOPLE “White Smile” Charity Event includes 17 gorgeous fashion pieces entirely made of white silk (purchased by DONGLIANG) from 17 designers. The designers’ works were sent back to DONGLIANG to be photographed and priced. Later, the fashion exhibition was held in DONGLIANG Shanghai for one month. The 17 designs crafted by designers were displayed for sale. The full fund of RMB 41,000 raised by sales of the event was donated to "Dandelion Village Library Project" via “Shan Tao –”. The library has already been established in the countryside.

Special Cooperation In this charity project, 17 exclusive designs from 17 famous Chinese independent designers are presented. The designers are as listed: He Yan, Vega Zaishi Wang, Zhang Da, Yi Wen, Han Lulu, Nicole & Fen Fen, Zhang Di, Shangguan Zhe(SANKUANZ), Zhang Na, Binbin, Manchit Au, Ni Hua, Jiang Ling, Zhan Wenshu, Yun Xi, Ding Youqiao(JOQIAODING), Li Hongyan(HELEN LEE). They all enthusiastically participated in the project. In fact, DONGLIANG was expecting to have 10 designers on board in the first place. Heart on the good causes, however, many volunteer designers joined the event as well, providing 17 magnificent pieces in the end.

The first season of 3PEOPLE invited the Chinese actress Liu Shishi, known for her innocent and bubbly personalities, as a charity ambassador to present the selected wonderful works, interpreting the most genuine “White Smile”. This was also the first time that Liu Shishi collaborated with Chinese designers. She is modest, open and clear, full of love and sunshine. Aside from being the event ambassador, she also bought one of her favorite piece directly from the studio, thus becoming the first loving buyer of 3PEOPLE.

Besides Liu Shishi’s edition, DONGLIANG had also invited 17 ordinary girls to jointly interpret all these 17 dresses. They work in different industries but they are all guests of DONGLIANG. It was 3 PEOPLE and Chinese designs that brought them together. This also conveys the most original and authentic spirit of 3 PEOPLE: making use of each one’s own specialty and interest to build a more wonderful world.