COMME MOI “Like Me” is a young designer label, founded and operated by China’s most famous super model – Lv Yan in 2013. Lv Yan has her reasons to name the brand “Like Me”. As a Chinese girl who stepped out of the country from a small remote village of Jiang Xi, she miraculously made her way to the international fashion metropolis, Paris. Lv Yan represents the contemporary generation of Chinese youth – hard-working, determined, willing to learn and modest as always. Even though she has already accomplished great success in her modeling career, Lv Yan is not satisfied. She chooses to challenge herself and start from scratch by creating her own fashion brand COMME MOI. Lv Yan believes that since she can obtain today’s success with tireless efforts, then every other girl who dares to start from zero can make it as well! The idea of “COMME MOI” was rooted in her inspirational story and fearless spirit.