KINKLE WORKSHOP operates dozens of times in a year on the development of a single shoe. In order to fully exploit the natural beauty of the leather, the leather selected from different area is first placed aside to let natural power such as temperature and humidity to exert an influence on it. Later, different manual processing methods will be adopted to work with different leather to achieve the ultimate beauty. Handwork is applied as much as possible, regardless of the lengthened producing time and lowered quantities. The designer Kim, was earlier invited to join the designs of the collaboration series of shoes with JUUN.J in Men’s Wears Show in Paris 2010 – The top Korean menswear brand. His designs were acknowledged with a unique future style and fantastic concepts for the first time. The collaboration lasted for six seasons with JUUN. J earns Kim many praises from numerous media and buyers. Kim, since then, begins many collaboration projects with a series of fashion brands and designers by invitation.