DONGLIANG shanghai

On July 23, 2011, DONGLIANG launched its store in Shanghai as a three-story vintage villa locates on Fumin Road. With 300m2 space altogether, each floor has its own theme and visual designs. The spacious backyard garden and the beautiful balcony outside will also give your shopping experience a sense of relaxation. Elegant and simple as always, the new store will expand the spectrum, coping fashion with art, architecture and interior design.

On Christmas Eve., 2013, DONGLIANG Shanghai welcomed its customers with a brand new look. The new garden is a tiny paradise of various kinds of plants and creatures. The New Look workshop set up with fine pairs of scissors, wooden rulers and locks and retro lamps expresses our admiration to the people who bring beauty to the world. And the industrial design is completed with the tones of black and grey. With carefully selected interior decorations, we connect the present to the past, bringing our customers to the wonderland.

DONGLIANG Shanghai: No.184, Fumin Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai. Tel: 021-34696926 Wechat: dongliangsh