DONGLIANG is a retail multi-brand concept store committed to promoting new, talented Chinese designers in China and abroad. Launched in Wudaoying Hutong, Beijing in 2009, we believe that clarity in design will be timeless. We are building a new market for home grown talent in China.

We built the company on hard work, great research and perseverance and it’s still just the beginning. DONGLIANG collaborates with the most talented local designers and we engage in artistic and cultural activities as well as business and charity events. We want to share our vision of a modern lifestyle and the great stories of china’s future iconic designers.

We started with a 30 square meter space. DONGLIANG now owns two stores in Shanghai and Beijing. The online shop is soon to be launched in addition to our online store. The future looks bright!

Each year, through the FRESH AIR project we introduce the new Chinese designers to the market and set up a multi-dimensional platform for more mature designers to increase their exposure. In addition we work with our top designers to promote them on the international stage, extending their brand development in the increasingly global fashion market place.

DONGLIANG launched around the time China’s fashion industry began to take off. We are part of that. An active participant, DONGLIANG has witnessed the advent of a new breed of Chinese fashion designer as wells as the evolution and rapid growth of the domestic fashion industry.

We are operating in an era in which individual players and China’s fashion industry as a whole are seeking new ways to develop, improve, and breakthrough into the public awareness.

DONGLIANG Beijing: No.102, 2-building, central park, No.6, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang district, Beijing. / dongliang shanghai: No.184, Fumin Road, Jing’An District, Shanghai.